Gyldenholt Fourragere

My barony in the SCA, Gyldenholt, has awards. The awards usually come with bling, rather than scrolls: a pendant here, a medal there, a pin here, and this, called a Fourragere. (We’re looking up more period names for this, since fourragere is a term that is quite modern — 18th or 19th century, I’m pretty sure, rather than pre-17th century, which is the SCA’s area of study.)

This will be cut into two halves, each of which should be enough to make one fourragere. Part of it will be a loop that should fit over the shoulder of a largish person, wearing armor.

Then there will be three more pieces, just long enough to double over, then sew the three together to make a little fan-shape, like this: \|/

Then a fourth piece will be cut off, sewing the fan onto the main strap. The strap will go over the shoulder and ‘hang’ vertically; the fan will be vertical; and the final holding-piece will be horizontal across the bottom of the fan.

When I get a chance, I’ll try and photograph one of these once it’s all made, and I hope I remember to update this post with that image.

Now that I’ve completed one fourragere, I’d like to make a few more. For one thing, it’s kind of fun. For another, this one is quite wobbly at the edges, where I didn’t quite get the weft tension even. Live and learn. And finally, I’d like to make at least one belt, probably more, for myself and for Hakim. And maybe a strap for holding things onto other things. And…

…Let’s just say that Baron Giles, who loaned me his loom, may not be seeing it again unless he specifically asks for it. 😉