A New Wardrobe for 5778

My friend Nicolin posted on Facebook that she intends to make herself an entirely new wardrobe for late 13th/early 14th century England. Knowing that she’s an ace at fitting and making her garb, and knowing that she’s a very good teacher and a patient human as well, prompted me to say “Hey, can I do […]

Collegium Caidis: A Most Triumphant Day

Events in the Society for Creative Anachronism tend to fall into two categories. Camping events are where everybody sets up tents, dresses in medieval clothing, and tries to live medievally to varying degrees: authenticity mavens who love getting as close as possible to the medieval ways of doing everything, those who spend ten, twenty, thirty, or […]

To-Do List, as of 12 September 2016

As I came downstairs this morning, I realized that I have so many projects in progress that I actually can’t do any of them. It’s covered in projects. If I put anything away, I’ll likely never find it again; if I do, it’s entirely likely that I’ll forget what it was and what steps need […]

How To Begin At Scribal Arts

Someone asked me what he absolutely needed to know in order to begin painting award scrolls. I tried to explain for a while, but he kept shaking his head. I wasn’t answering the right questions. But eventually we worked through what he was really asking. What he wanted was a Complete Newbie Kit And Guide, and […]