Drafted Stocking Pattern

Y’all, stockings are hard. I drafted a pattern using this tutorial: https://medievaltailor.com/demonstrations/stockings/ I discovered that that person’s body is very different from mine, and the stocking — well, really just the leg, because I hadn’t sorted the upper and sole yet — wouldn’t go on and off my leg thanks to the narrow part near […]

Quivers & Quarrels Interview with Lady Rekon of Saaremaa

Over the summer and autumn of 2015, I interviewed Lady Rekon of Saaremaa in multiple sessions for an article in Quivers & Quarrels, the magazine devoted to archery within the Society for Creative Anachronism. The article is published now, so I’m glad to be able to post the interviews, which contains some information that didn’t fit […]

Why I’ve Not Posted (Boring)

It’s been a while since I posted. Sorry about that. Things got weird for a while. They’re still weird, but I hope to be back on track soon. For instance, I’m already on the third-and-a-half re-fitting and re-making of that camisa (so depending on how you count half-finished re-fits, this is either version 4 or version 5) […]

Threading A Needle

I really didn’t think I needed to learn how to do this. It’s the one thing “everybody” knows about sewing, right? Most people who contemplate sewing start by understanding that thread has to go through the eye of the needle, and they’ve got a pretty good idea of how to get it there. Nevertheless, there are […]