To-Do List, as of 12 September 2016

As I came downstairs this morning, I realized that I have so many projects in progress that I actually can’t do any of them. It’s covered in projects. If I put anything away, I’ll likely never find it again; if I do, it’s entirely likely that I’ll forget what it was and what steps need […]

Threading A Needle

I really didn’t think I needed to learn how to do this. It’s the one thing “everybody” knows about sewing, right? Most people who contemplate sewing start by understanding that thread has to go through the eye of the needle, and they’ve got a pretty good idea of how to get it there. Nevertheless, there are […]

A Supportive Camisa Pattern

Thi past Sunday, I was privileged to attend a sewing party called the 12th Night Panic Meeting, hosted by Lady Cecelia Lightfoot (outside the SCA she is Leslie Lightfoot, which is also a fantastic name!) and led by Dame Arianna (Ann Hartl is her name outside the SCA, but the rest of her SCA name I don’t […]