What in the world is the SCA?

In this blog’s inaugural post, I mentioned the SCA, the Society for Creative Anachronism. Now I’d like to explain more about what that is, and why I choose to be a part of it. The SCA is a worldwide, non-profit educational organization dedicated to learning and preserving the pre-17th century skills, crafts, arts, sciences, and martial arts of Europe and the cultures that had contact with Europe prior to the 17th century.

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“Well begun is half done.” — Mary Poppins

The title of this post is a quote that has always confused me. What did Poppins mean by that? Was it another way of saying “If you’ve started well, that’s nice, but you should get to work and finish the rest?” Or maybe was the world’s most magical nanny trying to say, “If you begin with correct steps and a positive attitude, you’re already halfway to the finish line?” I’m not sure which, but maybe it means that both interpretations are equally valid, and I like them both, so that’s all right.

Welcome to my blog!

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